Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old Stone House Panoramic Scene

A panoramic scene connecting a panoramic movie taken in the Old Stone House, with a panoramic movie taken in the connecting JJ Byrne Park,
Questions for panorama:

1. This panorama was taken on Monday, June 2nd. What time of the day do you think it is and tell why.
2. What do you think the big map shows in the Old Stone House (in order to find the map you have to find the hot spot to go from the park panorama to the panorama in the stone house)

Questions for google map:
1. On what block is the Old Stone House located?
2. What large park is close to the Old Stone House?

About the Old Stone House
The Old Stone House is a modern reconstruction of the Vechte-Cortelyou House, a 1699 Dutch stone farmhouse with important ties to American history.
Today, the Old Stone House is operated as a historic interpretive center dedicated to its crucial role in the American Revolution and in the evolving histories of Brooklyn, New York and the United States.
The Old Stone House serves as a dynamic community resource through its education programs and events. In addition to historical exhibits open to the public, the House is available by appointment for tours, classes and rentals.

Below is a portion of My Battle Of Brooklyn Map
I "google mapped" the excellent geocache done by Alan2 at This is Phase 5 of the Battle. It has 5 stops. I've supplemented the geocache with slide show movies I made and other resources on the Battle of Brooklyn as well as other events in Brooklyn history.
The markers are set at approximate locations. Also note slide shows are downloadable (just wait until it fully loads and use "control click" on a mac). The automatic timed slide shows can also be paused at any time by clicking on the movie. A double click will then resume it.
As of late I have added many other Brooklyn history resources, including information on the historic Dutch homesteads (these have the yellow house icon). Much of that information comes from


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