Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chinatown Panoramas With Students

Originally posted 12/10/07
I did these about 5 years ago with 5-6 Chinese bilingual students in Ms. Yang's class at PS 20. They were mostly recent immigrants who spoke little or no English. I had found the vr movies online on a panorama site and converted them to a quicktime version. I then had the kids narrate what they viewed.
Later they wrote out their narrations so there would be a listening and speaking and writing connection. Did I really know what I was doing? No, but it seemed logical and the kids enjoyed it and were very proud when they got to show these projects at a learning fair.

The first panorama was taken on Pell Street. The second was taken at the intersection of Canal and Mott. The third at the Kimlau Square at Chatham Green

The fourth, above, is taken on Doyers Street. The Vietnamese restaurant with the yellow sign used to be an old hangout of mine in my 20's. It was then called Wah Kee

The fifth is taken at the intersection of Pell and Mott and you can see Transfiguration Church. I could swear the woman in the purple and black ski jacket at the end of the clip is Lori Grasseli, who I used to work with. The sixth below is on Pell Street and shows much of the same scene as the first movie


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